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  • Tired of boring machines at the gym which get you nowhere fast?
  • Fed up with the monthly fees at your gym?
  • Want to help out the local community?
  • Interested in learning the basics of kettlebells and clubbells?
  • How about medicine balls, plyo-boxes and Swiss balls?
  • Want to meet some great people with the same fitness goals?

Fit Body forges the ideal physique with functional strength that will help you live a fuller, more active life! (Get stronger and leaner.)

We can address any fitness level in one class without distraction, and in an integrated fashion that helps all members motivate each other. (Beginner to expert, everyone is welcome!)

Fit Body will leave you exhilarated and energized after class - you'll feel better at the end of each class. What are you waiting for?

Fit Body Program

FightClub Fitness Training Equipment

The FightClub Fit Body Program takes all the guess work out of the fitness maze. It will educate and give you knowledge that you can use for the rest of your lives - not just for this year.

We accomplish this by focusing on developing a person's true strength.

By utilizing proper breathing, integrating functional movements and developing core strength, our training methods will give you the health and vitality you need to cope with modern day life and the strength and conditioning to look your best while you're living it!

Come and improve your physical
well being and self confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fit Body Fitness Training

Q: I'm just starting out, will I be able to keep up?
A: Yes! Exercises are tailored to fit each individual. Can't do a full pushup? No problem - start from the knees. Not quite there yet either? That's fine; we'll show you how to do wall pushups. These classes will make you stronger - guaranteed!

Q: Do I have to be a member of the FightClub to join?
A: No, although we encourage our members to do the Fit Body classes as well.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Comfortable workout clothes - a t-shirt and gym pants are fine, socks are optional.

Q: When can I start?
A: Fit Body Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9:15am - 10:15am. Drop by a few minutes early to sign in for your first class, then you're good to go. There are both male and female changerooms.

What are you waiting for?

Dramatically improve your physical well being and self confidence!

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