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Fitness Class Toronto

Q: Why should I attend FightClub fitness classes over another Health club?
A: Great training, talented instructors, immediate life changing results, support for the community.

Q: What will Fit Body program do for you?
A: Motivate, education and support you.

Q: What is a class like?
A: Class is an hour long and each one is a unique expression of fitness, the instructor and the energy of the day. The only certainty is that you will have fun, you will sweat and that you will learn a lot about how your body operates. Enjoy the process and listen to the guidance of the instructors.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Be comfortable. T-shirt, track pants or shorts, socks and running shoes (no street shoes). You can also workout without shoes or in bare feet/socks, it's recommended.

Q: Should I eat before coming?
A: Proper eating habits should always be followed. A small meal about an hour before training is good idea. You want to have enough energy throughout your training class.

Q: Should I bring anything else?
A: A bottle of water (available at FightClub if you forget) and a towel if you want to wipe the sweat off!

Q: I've never exercised at Fight Club before.. How will I know where and how to begin?
A: That's what we're here for. We make it easy for you to get started. We'll set you up for success right off the bat.

Q: Will I feel intimidated if I feel that everyone is fitter than I am?
A: Fight Club offers a non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone, at every fitness level is welcome.

Q: Will I feel uncomfortable if I don't know anyone at the club?
A: All our teachers are there to serve and support you. Whether it's giving a smile and a hello, a pat on the back for coming in and working out or a daily chuckle, they enjoy getting to know our students.

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