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Thinking about joining a martial arts club?

There are many to choose from, encompassing numerous styles. So why choose FIGHTCLUB?

Practicality. We don't train for competition. There is no belt system. We don't rehearse choreographed dances that could some how save your neck in a sticky situation.

The drills we utilize are tried, tested and true. The technique is modern and is applicable to every scenario possible. Stuck in an elevator with someone going berserk, no problem. Minding your own business in a crowded bar when a couple of hooligans jump you, no problem.

At FIGHTCLUB you develop the skill-set necessary to protect yourself, friends, and loved ones.

Cardio and fitness work is directly connected to the techniques we utilize and is an integrated aspect of the training. You will learn proper breathing techniques. You will slowly build up your stamina, learn to deal with physical stress and gain confidence you never knew you had.

We at FIGHTCLUB are a friendly bunch. There's computer programmers, office managers, software salesmen, nurses...really just a bunch of regular people brought together to pursue similar individual goals.

Come for a workout. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will immediately see how beneficial the training is and how you can utilize this art to your advantage.

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Come enjoy the training!

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