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Toronto martial arts training is available for youths between the ages of 5 - 15.

Our Kids Martial Arts Training Program not only teaches self defense techniques but helps develop your child physically.

Training helps increase your child's speed, stamina, strength, while developing better balance, coordination, and timing.

Martial Arts training will help to foster confidence and leadership skills in your child. We actively promote goal setting, team spirit and developing qualities that will help him/her become successful in other sports, daily activities and school.

Most of all it's exciting and fun! Kids get a great workout while they learn practical self defense skills.

Kids Martial Arts Training Program - Click to learn more about our exciting Youth Training Program.


Every person has a different challenge in mind when approaching personal martial arts training. FC Personal Trainers are certified SYSTEMA [aka: CNCTEMA - Russian Martial Arts] instructors. Students of MA, whatever the discipline, can either mediate their interests for specific training or have an instructor assess their abilities, looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and proceed accordingly.

New martial arts students can quickly progress with personal training, tailoring the schedule to meet their demands.

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Visiting Toronto for training?
Toronto is a world class city with a large Systema and MMA following.
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FIGHTCLUB has a dynamic and refreshing approach to learning self defense. Classes teach the importance of protecting yourself, loved ones and physical fitness. We teach you practical, functional, modern martial arts skills and the value of staying healthy.

SYSTEMA You'll see that regular attendance will result in an increase in confidence, stress reduction and greatly improve your quality of life.

Regardless of your age, or how out of shape you are, FIGHTCLUB delivers a way for you to train your body and mind through work in SYSTEMA [aka: CNCTEMA - Russian Martial Arts].

Our approach educates and gives you knowledge that is practical in your everyday life. New Members Welcome!

- 2012 Training schedule.
- Learn more about FC self defense training.
- FIGHTCLUB is ideal for people with no martial arts background and is an excellent complimentary skill set for officers in law enforcement and security.
- An indepth look at our martial arts training curriculum.
- Frequently asked questions about FC and the training.
- Numerous articles available on-line for you to read at your leisure.
- Train to fit your schedule.


FIGHTCLUB seminars offer students extended training in specific aspects of CNCTEMA. Past seminars have explored; improvised weapons, gun defense, knife defense, working with sticks, breathing techniques, confined spaces, outdoor winter training and much more.

Seminars - Up-and-coming seminars in Canada and abroad.



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